Wine, Women, and Dementia: The Documentary

Listen Live or Listen at Your Convenience Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 2 pm EST, 1 pm CST, 12 pm MST, 11 am PST & 7 pm London GMT, 9 pm South Africa SAST, and on the 3rd at 6 am in Australia AEDT

Lori La Bey talks with the cast and crew of the documentary: Wine, Women, and Dementia which highlights caring journeys throughout the country.


  1. Why people felt it was important to share their stories and how it helped them as well.
  2. To use humor as a coping mechanism.
  3. Why some people are compelled to step into the dementia arena after their personal journeys.
  4. The power of online relationships.
  5. How to find support and healing through sharing.
  6. Why collaborations are so important to improve care.
  7. When and how you can screen the film.

Our Guest

Kitty Norton is a former NBC Assistant Editor. She left her job to join her sister in co-caring for their mother, Gloria, who was living with vascular dementia. Kitty created and directed Wine, Women, & Dementia to honor this journey with her mother, to spread awareness of the caregiver side of the equation in dementia, and to celebrate family caregivers – to let them know they are not alone and that they are worthy of being seen and respected alongside their dementia person on this difficult road to the end of life.

Beth Rigazio (Producer) most recent feature, Freak Show, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, starring Alex Lawther, Abigail Breslin, and Bette Midler. It was produced by Maven and Flower Films. Beth previously sold a half-hour comedy pitch, Tor-mentor, to NBC with America Ferrara and is best-known for writing the feature, Raising Helen, which starred Kate Hudson. Beth also fills a respite role as a caregiver for her friend’s father who has dementia.

Allyson Schrier is a former family caregiver to her husband with dementia. That experience led her to create Zinnia TV, an app that streams videos engaging for and digestible by people with dementia to help reduce stress for them and those caring for them.

Rosanne Corcoran is the Host and Executive Producer of Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers. She is also Daughterhood’s Director of Content Strategy. Rosanne cared for her mother with vascular dementia over a span of twelve years, the last six in her home with her husband and children. After experiencing first-hand the stress and isolation caregiving brings along with the lack of meaningful resources for caregivers, she created Daughterhood The Podcast in 2019. She has also been a Daughterhood Circle Leader since that time.

Veronica Shanklin is a dedicated advocate, speaker, and champion for Alzheimer’s awareness and caregiver support. Through a decade of experience as a full-time caregiver for both her mother and grandmother,  she founded a non-profit,  Dementia Care Warriors, to provide vital resources and education for those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and related dementia..

Lexie Fields co-cared for her mother, Gloria, who was living with vascular dementia with her sister, Kitty Norton from 2016- 2021. Lexie manages The Schooner Restaurant on the Oregon Coast and has a passion for farm-to-table foods throughout the world.

Ashley Douglass is a mother of two and a wife of one.  She has taught middle school for 26 years and loves to spend time with her family, go to the theater, and travel.

Grace Douglass helps care for her mother with Alzheimer’s from a distance. She shares her mother’s passion for health and science and is an epidemiologist for the Maryland Department of Health.

Matt Perrin spent 8 years caring for his mom Rosemary who was living with Alzheimer’s disease, while supporting his wife Lindsay who was caring for her dad.

Lindsay Perrin cared for her dad Steve who was living with Lewy Body Dementia while supporting her husband Matt as he cared for his mother. Matt and Lindsay were also raising their 3 school-aged girls. 

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Veronica Shanklin  Dementia Care Warriors

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Matt Perrin Twitter @matt_perrin  


Rosanne Corcoran Daughterhood Circles and the Podcast

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