Two Great Articles On Watertown Gearing Up To Be Dementia Friendly

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What a Whirlwind of a Week!

It was such a privilege to join Heritage Homes of The Lutheran Home Association in taking the first steps in Watertown, Wisconsin in becoming Dementia Aware and Dementia Friendly.  The buzz in conversation was exciting to say the least.  From the Mayor, to various businesses, to those caring for someone with dementia… To hear surrounding communities talk of the steps they have been taking to shift their dementia care culture and wanting to join forces was exhilarating.  So much interest and activity and I’m sure the  Watertown Dementia Awareness Coalition will be off to a great start for their first meeting November 14th, 2013.

The launch of the first Memory Cafe in Watertown went off without a hitch.  We had a great group for the first meeting and everyone appeared to be so comfortable opening up and talking so honestly for the get go.  It truly was an honor to facilitate their first meeting.

If you are interested in more information in the Watertown Coalition, please contact Jan Zimmerman at  920-567-2003 or

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Wisconsin State Journal

by Doug Erickson, Oct 20th, 2013

The designation doesn’t have a precise definition, La Bey said, but typically refers to a community that takes deliberate, coordinated and ongoing action to enable people with memory loss to feel safe in a community. That means everything from easy access to local facilities such as banks and shops to ensuring that social networks can be maintained. The concept has taken off in the United Kingdom but is just beginning here, she said.  For the Full Article Click Here.

Watertown Daily Times

Samantha Christian, Oct 17th, 2013

City Poised To Become 1st Dementia-Friendly Community. Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks led a free educational session on how Watertown can become a dementia aware and friendly community Tuesday evening at Madison College.  For the Full Article Click Here.

For additional information on becoming Dementia Friendly

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