Update on Our Dementia Friendly Cruise

Update On Our Dementia Friendly Cruise

Here at Alzheimer’s Speaks we take our commitment to “Dementia Friendly Travel” very seriously.   We are finding the need to clarify our relationship going forward with Kathy Shoaf, Elite Cruises and Vacations, LLC, and Cruise Planners/American Express who we used as our travel agent on our first cruise to the Caribbean last month.  The need for clarification is due to two major factors.

1)    There is much confusion and misconceptions in dementia communities around the world, about Alzheimer’s Speaks involvement with future Dementia Friendly Cruises being marketed by Kathy Shoaf, Elite Cruises and Vacations, LLC, and Cruise Planners/American Express. To clarify, Alzheimer’s Speaks has never been involved, nor will we be involved in their future events.

2)    Due to an overwhelming response for Alzheimer’s Speaks to provide additional Dementia Friendly Travel, we have decided to do so under the titles of “Dementia Friendly Travel with Lori La Bey”and/or “Dementia Friendly Travel with Alzheimer’s Speaks,” so there will be no confusion going forward.  This decision was not made lightly as it was after serious review of feedback from our dementia friendly program team and many attendees.   We are honored and vow to hold to a high standard of providing Dementia Friendly Travel in the future.

Although the symposium and programs were highly rated, and many told us they can’t wait to do it again, we can’t apologize enough to those of you who had difficulties in any fashion regarding the cruise.  Please know we have meticulous notes to improve the travel process, communication chains and our programming; to make our next venture even more fun and resourceful than the last.

Thank you again, for your understanding and your continued support of Alzheimer’s Speaks. 

We are truly humbled and honored in your faith is us and promise to always continue to raise the bar when it comes to dementia. 

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