Memory Mats & Doctors Orders on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Memory Mats & Doctors Orders

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

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Caitlin Johnston, CEO and Founder of Memory Mats joins us for the first hour of the show and tells us about Memory Mats – What they are and how they are used to make a positive difference in the life of a person with dementia.

Contact info for Memory Mats  (please note the website is  under construction and is being redesigned to offer more features, but they are hoping to be back up and running in a week or so)

We also had a couple of callers that joined our conversation during the program as well.   Isabell shared with us a book she just ran across called “Connecting the Dots” by Judith London which focus is on the importance of emotional memory.  Michele talked about how much the social support group on Facebook called “Memory People” has helped her deal with her mother’s memory loss.

The 2nd half of the show we had Dr Todd Stivland on with BlueStone Physicians which is located in Stillwater, Minnesota.  Dr Stivland gave us great insights to the changes he has seen take place int he arena of dementia in the past ten years as well as some of the current needs in the industry.

Contact Information For Bluestone Physicians          651-342-4277

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