A New Song on Alzheimer’s and Dementia by Two Young & Amazing Artist!

This is a Beautiful New Song on Alzheimer’s and Dementia

by two young amazing artist!


This song is a tribute to those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and their families. The musicians, Brian Asselin and Eric Disero will donate half of all proceeds from this song to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada to help continue research so one day we can hopefully cure this illness.

You can purchase the song on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, or on my website at www.brianasselinmusic.com

12 Replies to “A New Song on Alzheimer’s and Dementia by Two Young & Amazing Artist!”

  1. Just posting a quick comment to show some love…I thought you had a well written post here. Keep up the good work!

    1. HI Daniel

      Glad you like the song. I think it’s amazing! I am going to have the artist on the Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio on Feb 27th! Please let me know if you run across other music that might be of interest to our audience.


  2. Thank you for your information. Your knowledge in this area is vast and your writing is persuasive and interesting. It’s not often I get to enjoy great writing like this. I hope you write more.

  3. My mom has parkinsons with dementia and I will hug her more every day finally realizing her actions are not her fault as some doctors lead you to believe, I miss my mom and she is still here, Thanks for you inspiration.

    1. HI Pam
      I know it is difficult. Some days are harder than others, but there are those days that are true gifts to us as well. the ones that teach us the meaning of unconditional love and to be grateful for the small tiny things we didn’t even notice before. My prayers and thoughts are with you.


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