Alzheimer’s – The Difference Is Night and Day – Thoughts by Norrms McNamara

Alzheimer’s – The Difference Is Night and Day

Thoughts by Norrms McNamara

Above is Norrms educating and raising awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  He never stops amazing me with his commitment to journal his thoughts and share them with the world.  Below a couple of Norrms writings which teach us so much if we are willing to listen!

Thanks again Norrms!

The Difference Is Night and Day

As you know meeting my son after thirty years is one of the highlights of my life, but unfortunately it came at a price. Taking me out of my routine and familiar surroundings took its toll when we got to Bolton. The day after I was very confused as to where I lived and started to worry incessantly that I had dreamt all the things I know about Torquay up!

We passed our old semi we used to own and the places we brought the children up, it was a very confusing time for me and I can remember feeling very frustrated. But without a doubt the night times were the worst. All I can say is I am so pleased there were single beds in the room where we stayed because my nightmares came thick and fast every night, without fail every hour of every night.

At one point I was fighting in my sleep chasing the demons away I awoke to find I was hitting out at fresh air and thankfully Elaine was in the next bed safe and sound. I thought that with all the good news going on I would have even more settled but the Alzheimer’s had different ideas. All this needs to be said whilst I can still remember it as the last few days I feel as if things are getting a little worse.

I write all these things in the hope that if you are planning a trip with a loved one or a client, please take into account the turmoil and confusion it does cause sometimes, but not always. I can honestly say with conviction that last week was the worst week I have ever had regarding my night times and for the first time I do fear for my future. But as always I promise to keep up the work we started together that will hopefully change the way people with a diagnosis of dementia are looked after and make sure they are heard.
Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxx

 Night and day
Aching limbs, tired eyes,
Silently weeping, pitiful cries,
All these things happen at night,
Never in daylight and out of sight,
How I wish my night was day,
Sunshine chasing my nightmares away,
Until then I continue to fight,
All these demons every night,
Just one thing I want to say,
For my Elaine will you please pray?
Every night she puts up with this,
Yet with a warm embrace,
And a gentle kiss,
She brings me round,
And I awake,
Safe in her arms,
No more to take

By Norrms McNamara

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