Alzheimer’s disease- Always a Surprise Awaiting

Alzheimer’s  Disease – Always a Surprise Awaiting

Today I went to go visit my Mother in the nursing home.  It was supper time and I got sidetracked driving and missed my turn to stop in McDonalds to pick up Mom’s Hot Fudge Sundae. I was mad at myself but didn’t want to take the time to turn around and go back.  I figured it was better I get there at supper time as that is when Mom is more alert and I wanted to connect with her.  Timing is important, yet so unpredictable.  When I arrived mom was sitting at the dining table bib in place and staff had started to feed her.  As I took over feeding her I found she actually was in a pretty good mode and a bit chatty, saying one word phrases to questions asked.  It didn’t matter if the question or comment was directed at her, she had an opinion!  Normally it’s difficult for her to respond at all.  I giggled at her playfulness today.

Staff informed me that Mom was really in a good mood the other day and was laughing and giggling over most anything that occurred around her.  I wish I could have been there as those times are so precious, but there is no blocking out the calendar as these times are not predictable.  Mom is just in the moment and the moment could end any second.  It just makes me appreciate the time I have with her and can only hope to see this playful side more often then not.  Times like these make realize with gratitude how connected she still is no matter how disconnected her outer shell appears to myself or others.

We all just have to learn to look deeper and have faith in soul before us and appreciate the blessings before us.

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