Brain Gymnastics: A Key to Alzheimer’s Prevention

Brain Gymnastics:

A Key to Alzheimer’s Prevention

Do you know why brain researchers use a person’s education level as a factor in their studies? Education improves your brain functions because learning new things increases the number of connections, or pathways, in the brain. Therefore, doing things you’ve never done before—such as learning a new language or a computer program—will improve your brain.

Whether you are of school age, working, or retired, performing new and different tasks improves your brain function. In fact, a number of experiments with pictures of the brain have proven that by using games, the number of brain cells increases and the brain itself actually grows in size.

Regular brain gymnastics exercises are also important. Studies have shown that when people engage in moderate, pleasant forms of mental exercise, the efficiency and power of their brains increases.

You can request or download ARPF’s Brain Aerobics brochure to learn many easy ways to exercise your brain while having fun. It’s available at this link. Begin Today.

Memory problems are not a normal part of aging. By taking the proper steps, such as those outlined in our articles on this site, you can build a stronger brain, and that will go a long way towards avoiding memory loss.

Everyone needs to focus on creating more brain power, we can all use it.


Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

President and Medical Director


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