Dr Phil & Mother Teresa On Professional Ethics In Caring Roles

Come join the fun at The Wellstead of Rogers & Diamondcrest Senior Living

for an interactive presentation on professional ethics. 

May 24th, 2012

Lori La Bey Founder and CEO of Alzheimer’s Speaks will be presenting.  Check out the flier below for more detail or if you would like Lori to come to your town please contact her via the blog or her website.

2 Replies to “Dr Phil & Mother Teresa On Professional Ethics In Caring Roles”

  1. I started caring for people with dementia 20 years ago when facilities were just beginning to create dementia units. We had so many battles to fight because people who did not understand the needs of dementia units accused us of “locking them up like prisoners”, or complained about what they saw as issues of dignity when we were trying to do things to make them safe or more comfortable. At the same time the government put a stop to use of restraints (glad for that) but surveyors pitched fits at mattresses on the floor. (This was before bed alarms and pads etc.) I think anyone who is concerned about the rights of people with dementia needs to clearly understand their needs and what it takes to provide a safe, nurturing environment in order to provide a high quality of life. It’s not that easy and requires a little thinking “outside the box”. It’s just not black and white.
    Stephanie Zeman MSN RN

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