Fun At The Movies

Fun at the movies

This was hilarious and took us all off guard.  Tom, my husband at the time, and I took my Mother to the Halle Berry movie.  It was a great movie and all went very well until we got back to the Nursing Home.  One of the staff asked Mom how the movie was and my Mother giggled and replied in a loud voice with a big smile on her face, “They took me to a PRONO FLICK!”

Tom and I burst into laughter looking at my Mom, and than one another, and than the staff.  I of course piped up quickly saying we did not take her to a porno flick, but mentioned there was one sex scene in the movie, which apparently grab my Mother’s attention.  Who would have thought out of all things she would remember was one brief sex scene!  The staff smiled and knew all was fine, but we still chuckle about that day.

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