River of Denial

The River of Denial

RiverDenial copy

Illustration by Harry Pulver of Artworks

Keep in mind, when dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, you will find the River of Denial will slap you in the face at times.  It will not let you float along, enjoying the sunshine, or the beauty of the day.  It has to flip your boat into the darkness.  Your body goes into shock as the freezing cold, brutal waters of truth, eat you alive. 

It seems everyone deals with these times differently.  Some swim to shore and regain control.  Others tread water, looking for someone, anyone to save them.  Still others drown in their sorrow and loss, never coming to grips with the reality at hand.  Just know these times are out there.  They are normal, and you will never know how you are going to react, let alone others; to a given situation.  Try to stay calm. Be patient.  Be persistent.  This too shall pass.

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