Living with Dementia A Great Video

Living with Dementia 

A Great Video


What Are Your Thoughts?

Below is a description of the video from the youtube channel:

This film was based on research carried out with couples living with dementia. The film aims to raise awareness among the public of the decision-making rights and abilities of people with dementia and to help people with memory problems and their families make decisions on a daily basis. The research was funded by the ESRC and undertaken by Geraldine Boyle et al. at the University of Bradford, UK.

We welcome your feedback on this film. Please post your comments on this site or email your comments to Geraldine Boyle:

A handbook which provides advice to people with memory problems or dementia and their families about making decisions (including Urdu and Polish versions) is available from the project website:…

For the English version, follow this link –…

For the Polish language version, follow this link –


For the Urdu language version, follow this link –­edia/appliedsocialresearch/gboyle-decisi­on-making-handbook-urdu-version-oct12.pd­f

For the English language version for a South Asian audience, follow this link –­edia/appliedsocialresearch/Decision-maki­ng-handbook—english-language-with-imag­es-relvant-to-South-Asian-audience.pdf

Alternatively, you can email Geraldine Boyle to request a copy of the handbook.

The video may be shared and re-posted, but please acknowledge the authors.

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