Memory Café’s Impact on Individuals and Families – The Proof is in the Smiles and Friendships

Listen Live or Listen at Your Convenience Tuesday – June 20th, 2023 – 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST & 7pm London GMT, 9pm South Africa SAST, and on the 21st at 6am in Australia AEDT

Today, Lori La Bey the host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio speaks with a panel of passionate professionals who truly understand the power of Memory Café’s and the impact they are having on families around the globe.


  1. What is a Memory Café?
  2. Who Attends and Memory Café?
  3. Can anyone start a Memory Café?
  4. Are Memory Café’s in-person or virtual meetings?
  5. What do people do at a Memory Café?
  6. How often do you meet and for how long?
  7. What is the average size of you your café?
  8. Is there a cost to attend a Memory Café?

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Contact Our Panelists

Beth Soltzberg – JF&CS Memory Café, and JF&CS Memory Café Percolator – in Waltham, MA

Email             Phone   781-693-5628

Website – Find free resources for starting and sustaining a memory café from the JF&CS Memory Café Percolator, including step-by-step toolkits, PSA videos, a guest artist directory, a leadership guide for cafe participants living with dementia, and much more!  The Percolator PSA video shows a range of memory cafés in action.  The PSA is in the following languages: EnglishSpanish, and Portuguese.

Angela Meyers Library Memory Project – in Wisconsin

A network of 21 public libraries that share in a rotation of offering 6 memory cafes per month. We’ve been offering memory cafes since 2015.


Facebook  @librarymemoryproject


Phone  262-896-8245

Debra Sheets – Memory Café Victoria – In Victoria, British Columbia  Canada



Phone 236-562-0240

Karri Brower & April Grimaldi – Memory Lane Cafe – in Henderson, Nevada

Karri Email

Phone   702-670-1810

April Email

Phone    702-660-1140

FaceBook   Memory Lane Cafe SNV

Alyss Amster – Connection Café – Dementia Spotlight Foundation – in Roswell, GA              




Phone 678-332-1711

Emily Kearns & Jamie Samaque Nature Café – Dementia Friendly Baltimore County Dementia Friendly Coordinator     

Baltimore County Department of Aging, Caregivers Program

611 Central Avenue, Towson, MD 21204

Phone   410-887-4751m


Tami Hurst – Memory Cafe – with Olathe Public Library – in Olathe, KS


Maria Skinner – Guest Artist with Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness Educator & Trainer – Groton, MA


Phone  978-314-2735


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