The Bureaucracy of Care & Seniors

Today our discussion on Conscious Caregiving with L & L we have gathered an international panel to discuss the bureaucracy of care and seniors. It was abundantly clear that care for our seniors around the world needs more attention. Although we did find some things working well, the list and reasons for better care were long and consistent. We would love to hear your thoughts and solutions so please feel free to reach out to Lance A. Slatton and Lori La Bey at Conscious Caregiving with L & L.

Amy Spring

Amy Spring, the guiding force behind Wise-Transitions, is a physical therapist with a passion for improving the caregiving landscape. Her professional journey spans over 30 years in diverse healthcare leadership roles, including home care agencies, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. A graduate of D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY, Amy’s rich experience provides her with an invaluable understanding of the healthcare system’s regulations, dynamics, and potential blind spots.

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Her mission is to help reduce the tripling figures of Dementia diagnosis, and support as many women as possible in their pursuit to live full, healthy, and happy lives. 

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Ms. Moore has over a decade of experience as a professional, clinician, public speaker, and business owner and has a genuine passion for older adults and caregivers. Her work in behavioral health, community education, and healthcare has prepared her for her current venture of serving the aging population, family caregivers, and professionals who specialize in aging. Malika has served in several different capacities in her professional career, including consultant, clinician, geriatric care manager, medical social worker, psychotherapist, support group facilitator, and adjunct professor. She thrives best in exploring innovative and creative ways to serve basking in continued learning.

Malika is a leader who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others. Ms. Moore was recognized and awarded the 2022 Aging Life Care Association “Rising Star” award. She also serves as a board member for All Home Care Matters and Home Care Partners. Malika holds dearly and values her family and friends and is personally invested in ensuring we all know that it is possible to live and be Aging & Amazing®!

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Mary Farquhar

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Dr Kenny has a new book co-authored with Teresa Webb, a woman living with and advocating for Frontotemporal Dementia.  The book, Your True North: A Guided Journal for Those Living with Cognitive Loss or Dementia about Legacy, Love and Wishes for the End of a Life Well-lived, will be available in the fall. 

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It is Tracy’s mission to supply caregivers with proven shortcuts to reduce the stresses of dementia care. She teaches hands-on solutions for reducing repetitive questions, meltdowns, and wandering. She includes tips using simple, inexpensive fixes found at hardware and office supply stores.

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Historical Evolution of Assisted Living in the U.A. 1979 to the Present PDF

Tracy Cram Perkins website has a variety of resources From adaptive clothing to wandering, resources for working with the deaf, and translation resources.

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Dementia Map Global Resource Directory

Share the Care (organized group caregiving)

Life Coach, Paula Forte, website: Co-Create 4 Life | Integrative Health Coaching for Caregivers (

Larey Swanson M.D. is a medical researcher who with Ricka Kohnstamm: Executive & Physician Health Coach at Align Whole Health Coaching run Grief Circles over Zoom. They explore different dimensions of grief and people share their grief stories.

Healthcare Needs Reorganization – Join Us And Speak Up

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