How To Develop A Plan To “Age Successfully” For Yourself Or With Your Parents

Lori La Bey talks with Star Bradbury is a former Florida licensed administrator and Executive Director for both an Assisted Living and Memory Care facility. Star has a broad understanding of the variety of options and choices families face. Her 18 years working with a nationally recognized Life Care Community (Oak Hammock at the University of Florida) allows her to share her expertise in this otherwise confusing and complex senior living option as well.

 Star’s insider experience is invaluable to anyone wanting to make sure they know how to choose the right community for a loved one, help their parents age in place successfully, or find more help when their parents need more care.  Her realistic approach is refreshing and her principles to aging well and making crucial decisions can be applied immediately. Most importantly, she will share with you the right questions to ask that are critical during times of need.


  1. When should we start having conversations about life as we age?
  2. What is the difference between the go-go years, the slow-go years, and the no-go years?
  3. Red Flags to watch for.
    • What type of support systems do they have?
    • Do they have social networks?
    • Are they isolated?
  4. Two Principals
    • How can you maximize and prolong your parents or your own independence for the longest period of time?
    • About just in time planning.
  5. About the Conversation Project
  6. How to prepare an exit plan.
  7. What does a good death look like for you or your loved one?

As the founder of Senior Living Strat

egies, and the author of Successfully Navigating Your Parents’ Senior Years, she regularly collaborates and consults with individuals and families from all walks of life as well as professionals in the legal, medical, financial, and long-term care insurance world.

Her passion is to help families develop a comprehensive, proactive plan that will allow them to make the best most informed decisions–for their parents’ well-being and their own.  Having lost both sets of parents, in-laws, a sister, and many friends, she has the compassion and understanding as well as the professional experience to guide you.

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YouTube: @starbradbury4934

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Develop A Plan To “Age Successfully” For Yourself Or With Your Parents

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