Torbay Dementia Action Alliance Is At It Again! Wow This is Amazing

Well our friend Norrms and The Torbay Dementia action Alliance is at it AGAIN!  WOW are they making a difference.  Please read what they are up to below.  I just love how they lead by example and how they are shifting our dementia care culture, not just in Europe but world wide by sharing what they are doing.   Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

Here is the note I received from Norrms:

Hiya all, this is the complete list of all sign ups in Torbay so  far, as you can see, it might count up to 121 busuiness`s but when you add on over 1,000 under the wing of English Riviera Tourist Board and over 100 under the wing of Torbay Hotelliers Assosiation and multiply that with all the staff that work there, we are, without a Doubt talking about 1,000s of people who are now “Dementia Aware”, we only formed in Jan 2012 and this just shows what we, as a group can achieve when we all support each other, now that’s what we call “WINNING THE BATTLE !!!!!

 Supporters Of The Torbay Dementia Action Alliance
1, Palm FM
2, Babb`s Cafe Torquay
3, Herald Express
4, South Devon College
5, Sanctuary Housing Torquay
6, Dots Pantry Torquay
7, Attic Clothing Torquay
8, Toyota Paignton
9, Torbay Council
10, Princess Theatre
11, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust
12, Occombe Farm
13, Toad Hall Cottages, Kingsbridge
14, Torbay CVA
15, Age UK Torbay
16, One World Cafe
17, Apollo Cinema, Paignton
18, Riviera Life Church
19, Tor 2
20, Torbay Carers Forum
21, Torbay Links
22, Torbay Coalition of Disabilities
23, Arthritic Care Torbay
24, Torbay Stroke Association
25, Muscular Dystrophy Society
26, Devon and Cornwall Lupus Group
27, Disability Support Torbay
28, Crossroads Care
29, Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust
30, Sky Lettings, Torquay
31, New Devon Clinic, Paignton
32, Downs Newsagents
33, Babbacombe Inn
34, John Lake Estate Agency
35, Louis Gems, St Marychurch
36, Classic Clothing, St Marychurch
37, Fables Bookstore, St Marychurch
38, Drower`s Ironmonger`s St Marychurch
39, Happy Apple, St Marychurch
40, Best Wishes, St Marychurch
41, Herbs and Honey, St Marychurch
42, G.L.Hocin Sweet shop, St Marychurch
43, In A Picke, St Marychurch
44, Family Matters Soliciters, St Marychurch
45, Pick of the Crop, fruit and Veg, St Marychurch
46, Driftwood Cafe
47, Halletts Bakery, St Marychurch
48, Lloyd Maunders Butchers
49, Precict newsagents, St Marychurch
50, Timekeepers, St Marychurch
51, Boots Chemist, St Marychurch
52, The Coffee House, St Marychurch
53, Forget me nots, St Marychurch
54, D + H Fresh Fish shop, St Marychurch
55, Gilberts Pet shop, St Marycurc
56, Action Stationers
57, Cary park Cafe, Babbacombe
58, Mashfords estate Agency, Babbacombe
59, Antiques and Retro, Babbacombe
60, Babbacombe bakery, Babbacombe
61, Daisy`s Cafe, Babbacombe
62, Babbacombe Newsagents, Babbacombe
63, The CO-OP, Babbacombe
64, William Hills Bookmakers, Babbacombe
65, TESCO`S, Babbacombe
66, Imperial Cleaners, Babbacombe
67, Abigails Pantry, Babbacombe
68, Price First Taxis
69, Fresh and Fruity, Babbacombe
70, Crown property Management, Babbacombe
71, Indian Hymalayan resteraunt, Babbacombe
72, Babbacome tea rooms
73, Door to Door Carpets, Babbacombe
74, Xcite Property, Babbacombe
75, Vospers car sales
76, Swim Torquay
77, Simply Meats, Babbacombe
78, Sommerville and Savage solicitors, St Marychurch
79,, USA
80, Torbay Hoteliers association
(Over 100 Hotels and B+Bs under their wings)
81. English Riviera Tourist Board
(Over 1,000 establishments under their wings)

82.  Wilkinsons Store , Town Centre
83. Badges and sign ups for Plainmoor area are as follows
85.  Park Butchers
86. Tanning Studio
87. Rose buds florists
88. Co op Chemists
89. Hope and Harrar house and flat rentals   –
90. Mc Colls +  Post Office –
91. Rice and Spice
92. Crusty loaf
93. Mia hair dressers
94. Shoe box
95. Tom Chapman hair dressers
96. Fantazia hair and beauty
97. Dominos Pizz`s
98. Lush Hairdressers
Sign ups in Lower Chelston are as follows
99. Sweeney Todds Hairdressers
100. Caritas Charity Shop )
101,. Cabellos hairdressers
102. Poppy’s tea and Coffee (
103. Ancient Elements ()
104. Honeysuckle Home
105. Gargain and Hunt (Estate Agents
106. Plush Hair (Hair Salon) – Very helpful
107. Spar ( Has 2 spar shops in lower Chelston, but was referred to Jeanette to see and she was most helpful and was going to put information on notice boards immediately)
108.VF Hair and Beauty
109. Shoe Z00 –
110.Bead Exclusive –

Dementia Alliance Sign ups and Badges awarded in Wellswood Torquay
111. Boho Hairdressing                                                        112. Puddle ducks of Wellswood
113. Day Lewis pharmacy                                                   114.  Rowcroft Hospice Boutique
115. House of Locher Patisserie                                        116.  The flower Corner “Florists”
117. Knapmanhayes Opticians                                            118. The food and Coffee House
119. Londis  Warborro road                                                120. Wellswood fruits
121.Wellswood Post Office and newsagents                  122. Wellswood Village pantry

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