Michelle Mason’s “Soul Purpose Program” is Changing Lives of those with Dementia

Listen to Michelle Mason’s “Soul Purpose Program” Changing Lives of those with Dementia


This is a great program Michelle has developed to incorporate a holistic Spa Day approach for dementia residents and their caregivers to relax and connect. On the Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio show you will hear Michelle and some of her team members talk of their experience volunteering their time and talent and what they have gotten back in return by participating in the Soul Purpose Program.  I think you will enjoy the program and learn simple things we can do as individual to engage with a person with dementia which will make not only their day, but your own.

CLICK HERE to listen to the program

We are going to have a follow-up program to have an open discussion about how to shift Care Culture and what are your ideas and how can you get your idea up and running.  Please call in and participate with this open brain storming session scheduled for November 11th at 11am EST, 10am Central, and 8am PST.  Here is the LINK TO IGNITE YOUR CARE CULTURE VISION

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